More Satanic/Illuminati/Occult Imagery in Video Games

The article on this blog that gets the most hits by far is the one about Satanic imagery in video games. The evidence is very persuasive that Satanic symbolism is purposefully integrated into almost every aspect of a video game possible, from the story line to the cover.
Game Developers:

Fallout 3:
Fallout 3 Satan G.O.A.T. GOAT Baphomet
Deus Ex:
Dues Ex satan occult video game
Deus Ex openly acknowledges illuminati, here are some clips from the new game about to come out

Legend of Zelda:
Shiek sheik satan symbol one-eye lucifer
Sheik zelda satan one-eye
The Sims 3:
illuminated satan pyramid sims 3
pentagram diablo spell satan star
Crackdown masonic compass
That’s a Masonic compass.
Call of Duty:

Call of Duty COD illuminati triangle pyramid eye
Starcraft Masonic compass FED NWO satan
Mario (Sunshine? 64? Mario at all? – I welcome comments):
Mason ritual three dolphins nymphs maidens dance mario video game
Grand Theft Auto:
GTA self-actualization satan one eye lucifer pyramid

Test Drive Unlimited 2:

Arx Fatalis:


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7 Responses to More Satanic/Illuminati/Occult Imagery in Video Games

  1. Yes, We are taking over the world. Once we corner the Market on denture cream we plan to make everyone take the mark of AARP on their foreheads.

    Seriously, enjoyed the post!

  2. wcockshutt says:

    Haha – did you see my post on Freemasonry and esoteric Freemasonry?

  3. Boshk says:

    Fallout 3:


  4. Gilbert says:

    Oh and some of your examples are bs. Just because something has one eye… ILLUMINATI!!
    Others are believable.

    • wcockshutt says:

      When a person begins a statement with “Oh” it implies “in addition” and that we have had a previous interchange. As we have not I am puzzled. Some are believable, some are stretches. Relax! You managed to find this place didn’t you? So you must be a seeker who never takes anyone else’s word? You come off as hostile.

  5. austin says:

    the end

    obama hollande poutine

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