OOPArts: An Introduction

OOPArts stands for Out Of Place Artifact and means any artifact that is found that represents a challenge to the accepted scientific and historical ideas about biology, science, and the rest of our modern narrative of belief. In some cases OOPArts suggest that the biological record as we now know it is heavily flawed and in others suggests that before the dawning of modern recorded history there were previous eras of man who lived in cities and wielded sophisticated technology.
1) london hammerLondon Hammer OOPArt
The “London” Hammer. Found in Texas, my home state, in 1934. Clearly the hammer is man-made, yet it is embedded in rock from a region, the Edwards Plateau, that is all Cretaceous (concurrent with dinosaurs!). I am not offering an explanation for how this came about, just commenting that it flies in the face of modern beliefs.

2) India Maize OOPArt
This one is really interesting, and challenges modern biological beliefs. It is stated as fact that maize/corn came only from the Americas and was reared from a small grain similar to wheat into the modern caloric behemoth by careful cultivation by the early native Americans. Yet here we have a plant that is nigh-unmistakably corn present in Indian art. And not only present, but repeated.
India Maize OOPArt

Not only is the maize in ancient Indian statuary, but it is also present in Babylonian art too!

That’s either corn or a really big pine cone, which has its own significance (pineal gland).

3) Nebra Sky Disk OOPArt
This is an ancient map of the sky found in Germany and dated to 1600 B.C. The Pleiades (cluster of stars), Sun, and Moon are obviously represented.

Sumerian Cylinder Seal. This artifact, from one of the first known civilizations, the Sumerians, who are especially interesting because of their mythos, clearly displays a heliocentric model of our Solar System. It is also claimed that this image shows Pluto, although I am not so sure on that one.

The Peri-Resi Map. This Map predates the “discovery” of America, dating itself at 1513, yet shows in accurate detail nearly the entire coastline of the “New World”. The map clearly shows latitude and longitude. Apparently, the map is also centered along the Tropic of Cancer. It was found in 1929 in the basement of a museum in Constantinople. Apparently, also, the fact that this map accounts for the curvature of the Earth is in itself out-of-place.

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3 Responses to OOPArts: An Introduction

  1. New Ooparts. Extraterrestrial evidence or Atlantis evidence?

    In this video you can see the two metal objects at actual size:

    What is your opinion?

    • wcockshutt says:

      I can’t exactly tell what these video depict, sorry. There are some OOPArts that suggest Atlantis like the Egyptian stone frescoes that depict helicopters and what look like landspeeders. I will post more on OOPArts when I have the time.

  2. Ok.
    Thank you for your opinion.

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