Lest ye doubt

The use of the one-eye luciferian symbol is so pervasive one has to wonder why more people haven’t caught on.
dolla dolla bill

heart lucifer
chaka khan lucifer
Rihanna rose lucifer
Consider that this image is as old as civilization.
eye of osiris
lady gaga osiris
This image mixes one-eyed, luciferian symbolism with mk ultra/monarch mind control programming.
Beyonce monarch mkultra lucifer
Is this.. not Bono’s hand? Creepy image.
Bono lucifer
MTV could pick ANY IMAGE IMAGINABLE to represent themselves. Why do they choose this?
MTV illuminati lucifer

Mila Kunis lucifer
Victoria Beckham lucifer
Asian Business Magazine Lucifer
Miley Cyrus Lucifer

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One Response to Lest ye doubt

  1. micheal says:

    i like the pictures and i would like to join you friends

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