Satanic/Illuminati/Occult imagery in Hollywood – it’s for real.

The most prevalent of all the occult symbols is the all-seeing eye. Here is a smattering of examples of this imagery in Hollywood:
Transformers all-seeing eye
Godzilla all-seeing eye
Tomb Raider all-seeing eye
Total Recall all-seeing eye
Zodiac all-seeing eye
An Inconvenient Truth all-seeing eye
The irony is not lost on me that Global Warming and Al Gore’s propaganda are being promoted by the same people who own the pornography industry.
Minority Report
Minority Report also contains predictive programming about the future and the idea of “pre-crime” or “thought crime” – more on that later.
Requiem all-seeing eye
Reeker all-seeing eye
Blade II all-seeing eye
The grudge
Monsters Inc all-seeing eye
Clockwork all-seeing eye
Grindhouse all-seeing eye
The imagery is not just used on promotional posters but is often weaved into the scenes themselves.
Miami Vice all-seeing eye
A still from Miami Vice (2006).
Being there all-seeing eye
A still from Being There.
LOTR all-seeing eye

There is also a phenomenon known as predictive programming in movies. It may seem coincidental at first, but it is too prevalent and overarching to be a mistake. Every little detail of film is manipulated and purposeful. There are many that point towards 9/11.
Judgment day 9/11
That’s from Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991).
Patriot 9/11
Very strange words uttered by Mel Gibson From The Patriot (2000).
Lebowski 9/11
Scene from The Big Lebowski (1998). Jeff Bridges writes a cheque at Ralphs store. The date on the cheque is September 11, 1991. He looks up at the TV to see George HW Bush condemning Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait.
Peacemaker 9/11
A scene from The Peacemaker (1997). George Clooney and Nicole Kidman are in pursuit of a Yugoslavian terrorist who disembarks at New York’s JFK Airport. Wow sound familiar?
Traffic 9/11
A still from the movie Traffic (2000).
This may all seem coincidental, but consider that for those 911s to be there, someone put them there. There is no random imagery in a movie shoot.

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2 Responses to Satanic/Illuminati/Occult imagery in Hollywood – it’s for real.

  1. Leon Maiolo says:

    These are great examples of occult symbolism in movies. Thanks for the research.

  2. Nice collection, they are so blatant with the symbolism.

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