Satanic/Illuminati/Occult imagery extends to video games

It should come as no surprise if you accept that all media is saturated with satanic imagery including the baphomet, pentagram, all-seeing eye and pyramid, and the mano cornuto that video games also contain these symbols.

From the game Gabriel Knight 3 for PC. Notice (satanic) child sacrifice inside of a pentagram and the all-seeing eye in a pyramid along the wall.

The all-seeing eye is everywhere:

From Bioshock 2:

The graffiti “Fallen Fallen is Babylon” is a reference to the book of Revelations in the New Testament.
“And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.” Rev 18.2

From Wolfenstein:

From Oblivion:

A Minotaur, but also a Baphomet. Oblivion is chock full of occult imagery, including all-seeing eyes, pyramids, the “hidden hand” and even more subtle things like lizard and cat races and a Dark Brotherhood organization.
An interesting thing about the Elder Scrolls games, of which Oblivion is the fourth, is that most of the wealthy people in the game such as owners of large estates and the elites in the cities, often have chambers for human torture and sacrifice in their homes. The game skims over the how and why, but any person who has thieved around in the game will know the truth of this.
From Serious Sam:

From Alice: Madness Returns

I didn’t know this game but my friend told me it’s called Shadows of the Damned:

Some kind of spirit coming through a portal, with baphomet visible as decor.

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10 Responses to Satanic/Illuminati/Occult imagery extends to video games

  1. Mason says:

    alice have this symbols in every level from masonic checboard to eyes in every level. no wonder alice is masonic book.
    evenecnce – bring me to life – eye in lyrics . they are everywhere.


  3. Jo says:

    Yea obviously it’s in games if its in television but I still play and enjoy the games if you have a sense of discernment it can’t hurt you these days the expression what you don’t know can’t hurt you no longer applies its what you DO know that can’t hurt you although I strongly disagree with the cover of the games just because you see only one of the character 2 eyes doesn’t mean there referencing the eye I mean c’mon duke nukem? He’s wearing sun glasses you can’t even see his eye same with ghost recon I probably will play bio shock because its a fun game but I will play it with awareness I know tv is bad I know videographer have bad stuff too that doesn’t mean I will stop I’m aware of these things and they can’t hurt me because I know masons are evil and I know that God is stronger than any other earthly and supernatural power

    • sean says:

      what about people bn lovers of pleasure more than lovers of well it is best to have not know than to know and yet partake

  4. tina says:

    can you check out the new bioshock infinte game? it’s full of illiminati symbols, creepy game

  5. Lyn Leahz says:

    I’m in the middle of posting an article on my prophecy news website about things like this..and…I am stunned by how little attention these video games are getting! I was with a man in the past who was addicted to them..and boy are they evil! You might be interested in my article I’m getting ready to post on this. God bless you!

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  7. Some doe says:

    Assassins Creed is another one, that even talks about conspiracy theories and a pseudo origin of the Illuminati. Representing as main characters members of an order contrary in beliefs and goals as the Templars but with methods that are equal to them, in essence, they are both the same guys but with different leaders… thou entertaining yet dark in content.

  8. Musa says:

    I like other love playing games but if we think seriously what these games had given us till now except wasted our time.these illuminati are controlling our mind via various means and video games is one of them.We should not play video games,instead we should play other outdoor or indoor games.Also we must say no to their products as these are a means of our destruction.

  9. Whack Time says:

    dude even my best game is Illuminati (( parasite eve ))

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