Exposé: Oblivion

My examination of the sinister side to Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

“I assist her ladyship so that her enlightened policies might achieve the greatest possible influence upon the affairs of county Leyawiin”
This is part of a Thieves Guild quest that has you stumble into a huge torture chamber. The key phrase “enlightened policies” should be ringing alarm bells. Her “ladyship” tortures people in a secret dungeon.

A typical dungeon from Oblivion, replete with torture devices.
General Occultic imagery, signifying Magick

“The Ritual” Birthsign

Obelisks abound

The Dark Brotherhood, or the assassins guild, is housed beneath a Church.
You enter through this door:

A direct lift from Egyptian art.

A man name Lucien Lachance (Lucien is like Lucifer and Lachance is reminiscent of luck, chance, fortune, destiny) orders you who to kill

Gee I wonder why Antoinetta Marie is getting killed? Many say that the illuminati fomented the French Revolution that lead to the beheading of Marie Antoinette.

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